Triumph Stag to return to the roads in 2017?

The battery is dead, the seats and interior are mouldy and the chrome is pitted. Will I get my Triumph Stag back on the road in 2017?

28 March 2017
24 January 2018

It was almost 3 years ago when the MOT on my Triumph Stag lapsed. Due to family and work commitments, I never got round to taking the car to Enginuity in Acton for its regular service and MOT. Instead, the car has languished in a damp garage for the past 3 years. The battery is dead, the seats and interior are mouldy and the chrome is pitted. How did I let the car get into this state and will I ever get it back on the road!?

Last weekend, I emptied our garage of all the clutter, so that I could take a better look at the Stag. I took the battery out of our Fiesta, placed it next to the Stag, then connected a set of jump leads. Would the Triumph start? I didn't think so, but it was worth a try. I put the key in the ignition, turned, but nothing happened. No lights on the dashboard, no clicking sounds, nothing. The fuses all looked good and other electrical devices sprang into life. The interior and exterior lights flashed and the radio bellowed out, but the engine didn't turnover.

In the past, with the help of friends, I would have had a go at fixing the problems with the Stag, but these days my time is limited and I don't have the right tools. I gave the guys at Enginuity a call and they are arriving on Monday 10th April with a low loader to take the Stag back to their garage for further investigations - hopefully this won't become an autopsy and the car will be back on the road for summer. I'll keep you posted!


Garage emptied of clutter


Rear view of Stag in garage


Side view of Stag in garage


Front view of Stag in garage


Good battery connected to Stag


Interior lights look good, but Stag won't start