Announcement from Tim Smith (leader of the starry skies)

Tim Smith (founder of Cardiacs, leader of the starry skies and national treasure) posts message on Facebook.

3 May 2013

Hello again! It looks like it's going to be another sunny day in the South of England.

As many of you know, my favourite band is Cardiacs. Seldom a day goes by, when I don't listen to at least one Cardiacs track. Sad, but true!

Those of you who frequent this site will know that my hero, Tim Smith (leader of the starry skies and founder of Cardiacs), suffered a heart attack and paralysing stroke on 25th June 2008.

An announcement from The Alphabet Business Concern read as follows:

On 25th June 2008 Tim Smith collapsed and found himself the unfortunate victim of, ironically, a cardiac arrest. Thanks to the skill and dedication of those heroes of the streets, the paramedic service he was speedily ensconced within the caring hands of the National Health Service where he was treated by expert medical staff and thankfully he is now making a recovery. There is no longer any danger to his life and he is improving every day though we must caution that there is a long road ahead.

Quite a few of us have been keeping up with Tim's progress through a Facebook group called "Tim Smith (Cardiacs) National Treasure", but nothing had been heard directly from Tim. That was, until this week.

This week, Tim created a Facebook page. And, I'm incredibly glad to report, accepted my friend request! Of course, Tim doesn't really know who I am (I only met him once), but it is still a great honour.

Whether we will see any more work from Tim Smith and Cardiacs is unknown at this stage, but fingers crossed. Let's hope Tim's condition keeps improving! I'll leave you with this, the so far one and only post from Tim Smith on Facebook:

Hello Kidz! (You will notice that I spelled the word kidz with a 'z'). I have been bowled over and knocked back by the outpourings of love, posted on here. Every one of them. You have no idea what this means. Really though. While I would love to respond to each message, you are doubtlessly aware, my body is my enemy and my hands are cunts. Nonetheless it means the world to me, thank you all so much. I am truly blessed.


From left to right: Mike Puddephat, Tim Smith, Jon Poole (Photo taken 1992)