A day of celebration for the benefit of Tim Smith

A day of events to raise money for Tim Smith (him from Cardiacs).

22 May 2013
24 August 2013

Imagine my surprise when an invitation to attend "Mr. Corbin's bumming shed: A day of celebration for the benefit of Tim Smith" turned up in my inbox!

Tim Smith from Cardiacs has invited me (and all his other Facebook friends) to attend this illustrious event.

Here are the details...

A fantastic day of activities has been planned for all Cardiacs fans. There will be... MUSIC from Scaramanga 6 and Lake of Puppies plus special guests; ART from Sarah (yes! THAT Sarah); FILMS on a big screen; a DISCO so you can get all the static brought about by this exciting event out of you at the end of the day; OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE on sale so bring your pocket money.

Tickets cost £16 from Salisbury Arts Centre.

Details of THE CONSULTANT'S CARDIACS PUB QUIZ and PICNIC TBA. The prize for the winner of the quiz (and there can only be one winner) is utterly brilliant and too good.

So, I'm seriously thinking about going. I don't suppose anyone else is up for it? Just thought I'd ask. The event is on Saturday 24th August 2013 from 5pm until 11pm and will probably end up being a booze filled day of frivolity.