New glasses required - but what style should I go for?

I need a new pair of glasses. What style should I go for? Websites don't get more interesting than this.

25 September 2013

Hello! Long time, no blog. So what's happened since I last blogged? Not a lot. Fell over in the loft, cracked my head open. Went to Salisbury for the Tim Smith benefit concert and Cardiacs disco, had a bloody good time. Dad gave me his old Merc. Decided I need a new pair of glasses. Which brings me to today's straw poll...

There now follows a couple of bad photos that I took with my phone in the opticians. The question is, do I go with the Mike Pud defacto standard look (photo on the left), or should I go with the daring Barker look (photo on the right). What do you think? Answers on the back of a self addressed postcard, please!