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Blog. Noun. A contraction of weblog, a form of on-line writing characterised in format by a single column of chronological text, usually with a sidebar, and frequently updated. As of mid 2002, the vast majority of blogs are non-professional (with only a few experimental exceptions) and are run by a single writer. Welcome to Pud's Blog!


Triumph Stag restoration complete

Enginuity have finished restoring my Triumph Stag. Here are some photos. Enjoy!

15 September 2018

Interior photos of my BMW M140i

There was a break in the rain and snow, so I got outside and gave my car a clean. Here's a collection of mainly interior photos of my BMW M140i Shadow Edition.

25 March 2018

More photos of my BMW M140i

There was a break in the cold, wet weather. So I cleaned my car and took a few photos. Enjoy!

17 February 2018

Running in the BMW M140i

An early morning trip down the M23 to Brighton, then along the coast road to Beachy Head and Eastbourne. Finally, stopping off in Hastings before driving back home on the A21 via Sevenoaks.

24 January 2018

My BMW M140i Shadow Edition has arrived

The Mercedes was becoming unreliable, so I've bought myself a new BMW M140i Shadow Edition.

20 January 2018
24 January 2018