Triumph Stag high pressure power steering hose fails

Enginuity warned me something was likely to go wrong with my Stag after 4 years of non-running. They were right!

15 July 2017
24 January 2018

You remember what Enginuity warned me about when they returned my Triumph Stag to me? They said that because the car had been stood for so long in a damp garage, it was very likely things might go wrong with the car. Well, they were right!

On the way back from my parents house the other week, I noticed smoke bellowing out of the engine bay. I pulled over in the local Tesco carpark and opened the bonnet. Luckily, it was nothing too serious. It was fairly obvious to me that the high pressure power steering hose was leaking hydraulic fluid over the exhaust manifold. A quick check of the power steering fluid level confirmed this - it was almost empty. Plus, when I turned the steering wheel, you could see hydraulic fluid leaking out of the split hose.

I got the car home, parked it on the drive and got on the computer. It was fairly easy to find a replacement hose on Ebay. I ordered one from Tony Hart, it turned up a few days later and Jez helped me fit it. There weren't too many problems. We jacked the car up so we could get underneath it to loosen both ends of the hose, drained the old hydraulic fluid out, replaced the hose, re-filled the hydraulic fluid. Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt! Time for a beer and a KFC!