The Triumph Stag is back!

After 4 years stuck in a dank, dark garage, the Stag is back on the road, taxed, insured and MOT'd.

13 June 2017
24 January 2018

It took longer than expected, but my Triumph Stag is finally back on the road! I picked the car up from Enginuity on Tuesday 30th May. Unfortunately 4 years of sitting in a dank, dark garage had taken its toll on the Stag and there was a long list of faults that Enginuity had to fix, including:

  • Replace alternator
  • Replace leaking carburettors with refurbished unit
  • Fit new brake shoes, pads, cylinders and discs
  • New battery
  • Remove immobiliser that was no longer functioning
  • Fit second hand ignition switch
  • Fit new horns
  • Fit second hand light switch
  • Replace malfunctioning indicator flasher unit
  • Replace fuel filter

On top of all the big jobs, there were sporadic electrical faults throughout the car that were difficult to diagnose and fix. The rotten wings and front valance that I thought would fail the MOT, actually borderline passed, so no cosmetic welding was required. There was, however, a very small piece of welding required on the underneath of the car.

As the car had been off the road for a long period of time, I asked Enginuity to give the car a service, so the Triumph now has new spark plugs, engine oil, oil filter, antifreeze etc.

Cosmetically, the Stag does look a little rough around the edges, but I am very happy to have it back on the road, taxed, insured and MOT'd. Judging by the look on Noah and Iris' faces, I would say they are fairly happy to see the car back as well. They love the noise the Stag makes and the fact there's no roof. Here are some photos of my recommissioned Stag (don't look too closely at the rust)...

Enginuity did say a couple of things to me when I picked up the Stag. The first was that I shouldn't put the car back in the damp garage. They said the car would better be left standing on the driveway where it can dry off in the wind after it gets wet. The second thing they warned me about was that given the car had been stood for so long in the damp garage, it was very likely further components on the car might fail.

Next up, I need to fix that damp garage somehow!