Career Summary

20 years of architecting and building scalable, secure and resilient enterprise systems, on-premises and in the cloud. Highly numerate with PhD, MSc and BSc degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science. Independent learner, enthusiastic and highly motivated. At ease liaising with stakeholders and working in a team.

Work Experience

Architect and Full Stack Developer

October 2013 - August 2020

Worked alongside the business to design and build Product Studio, an application that manages third-party financial content, from sourcing and on-boarding through to content packaging and delivery. Managed teams of developers in London and Nottingham, as well as offshore teams in Ukraine and Russia. Attended and ran stand-ups, retrospectives and reviews. Application deployed in the AWS public cloud, using resources such as Batch, Lambda, DynamoDB, Aurora RDS and S3, predominantly coded in C#.

Senior .NET Developer

October 2012 - September 2013

Worked on i-Balancer, an enterprise-scale futures and options reconciliations platform for identifying, capturing and resolving imbalances in trades, positions and prices between exchanges, brokers and internal systems. Designed and developed framework for collecting and importing data from global exchanges, brokers and clearing houses.

Senior Software Developer

Thomson Reuters (formerly Reuters)
July 2004 - September 2012

Worked with operations to build a real time monitoring system for Reuters Messaging, which collected telemetry that was presented to engineers via configurable, web-based dashboards that were displayed across Thomson Reuters data centres (technologies used included ASP.NET MVC, C#, SQL Server, jQuery, WMI and Windows Service).

Designed and developed a website for Reuters Messaging Compliance Managers to setup and administer rules determining how users interact with one another (technologies used included WCF, Active Directory, ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server and jQuery).

Built portal that allowed 35,000 daily users to run Reuters 3000 Xtra over Citrix and Reuters staff to administer users, run reports and publish alerts (technologies used included Citrix, ASP.NET, C#, Active Directory, SQL Server, JavaScript and Windows Forms).

Senior System Development Consultant

SimCorp (formerly Bank of America)
April 1998 - June 2004

Re-architected the code base (converted code from C to C++ / MFC) and updated the user interface of the company's flagship treasury management product, IT2. Designed and developed interactive flow charts known as process maps, which are used within IT2 to guide users through complex treasury tasks. Actively participated throughout the software development life cycle, from obtaining business requirements and writing technical specifications to creating and testing code. Managed and mentored junior developers.


  • PhD in Medical Imaging
    University of Liverpool
    1994 - 1998

    Thesis entitled "Computer interface for convenient application of stereological methods for unbiased estimation of volume and surface area: Studies using MRI with particular reference to the human brain". The computer interface, written in C++ / MFC, is used by research groups around the world and cited by numerous publications.

  • MSc in Pure Mathematics
    University of Liverpool
    1993 - 1994

    Attended lectures on subjects such as linear algebra and advanced calculus. Developed C programs running on Silicon Graphics machines to aid the visualisation of 3D surface features. This work resulted in the discovery of a new theorem, published in the book Geometric Differentiation.

  • BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics
    University of Manchester
    1990 - 1993