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Anyone around?

Posted by Pud 2 years ago


Is anyone still visiting this site? Doc J, Bob, Ave...?

I'll be launching a new version of the site in a couple of weeks. Just finalising the code changes. Once it goes live, it would be good to get your feedback.



  • Posted by Doc J 2 years ago

    I am now around.

    Job is going mental at the moment. We get the keys to our new building on 1st of June, after which I have six months to help move 1200 scientists, 16,000 pieces of equipment and over a million research samples into central London.

    I like a challenge.

  • Posted by Pud 2 years ago

    Nice one, Doc J!

    I would give Avondale Express a call. Dick O's got a large white van that could be very useful. Just don't get his orange coloured water bottle mixed up with one of your research samples! :laugh:

    I am going to restart the annual Pud.com drinks that happened about once a few years back. I'm thinking we could make it a regular event. Somewhere central. Would be good to have a pint on the Thames somewhere!?

    What do you think!?

  • Posted by Doc J 2 years ago

    Sounds good. I'm mostly based up by St Pancras now, but can get to most places easily.

    We tendered for the move company last year - I'm surprised Dicko didn't submit a proposal.

    How are M and the kids ?

  • Posted by Pud 2 years ago

    Nice! I'm so unfamiliar with anywhere north of the river. My stomping ground is Docklands these days. Yeah, family are good, thanks! Kids are growing up too fast! Hope L & D are well!